Making My Bed(s)

Garden Frog Says Hello.

Garden Frog Says Hello.

This past weekend marked the beginning of my second gardening season.  Gardening always brings me a lot of joy (and heartache and frustration and gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair — if I’m to be fair about it).  Though it can be a pain at times, gardening veggies, berries and herbs is completely worth it whenever I can run out to the garden for some sage or rosemary, or pop a little cherry tomato into my mouth as I head out on my way to work, or even just when I check every morning to see “what’s growing on” — who’s got new growth, who is blooming, who is getting eaten by the accursed snails.  It’s pretty great to feel connected to the earth, to know I’m caring for lots of little green lifeforms, and to feel that all my work resulted in (at least some) edible produce.

A little messy, but it's home.

I have a lovely broad array of plants this year: pickling cucumbers, multicolor peppers, three varieties of string bean, five varieties of little tomatoes, spinach, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

For herbs, I’m growing sage, chives, and lemon thyme which all miraculously survived from the winter, as well as newcomers tarragon, parsley, cilantro, basil, and rosemary.

My most exciting innovation of the year, though, is one I’ve been waiting six months to put into play.  I did a little research during the holiday season, and learned that recycled Christmas trees stripped of their branches happen to make perfect trellises for vining plants such as string beans!  So here’s hoping my “bean tree” works out.  I’ll keep you updated!

My little bean tree.

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