Healthy Superpowers

One of the many (many. Many. MANY.) problems I have with much of the discourse about health and diet these days is the rampant negativity at the center of it. Everything often seems to be about shame and moralizing and jealousy and finding out all of the things that are supposedly wrong with you and how to fix them.

I hope to someday have a whole series of posts on how wrongheaded this is, and how to try to turn that upside-down and inside-out into positivity. But for now, I just want to talk about one aspect of this: finding your superpower(s).

Photo by Leonid Mamchenkov, mamchenkov at

Photo by Leonid Mamchenkov, mamchenkov at

Instead of spending all your time thinking about your weaknesses, try working on finding your Superpowers: the strengths and talents and even just handy preferences that will help you on your journey! Then, you’ll want to feed, water, and cultivate those Superpowers to help you feel strong and confident. Your Superpowers will be the best foundation to build healthy changes on. So try some introspection to get past the negativity and find some things that are awesomely healthy (or have lots of health potential!) about you. This’ll be different for everybody, but I can tell you some of my starting set (I’ve discovered more as I learn and grow):

Nutrition Superpowers
I love eating piles of raw fruit and vegetables. Love.
I love cooking, and find it satisfying, calming, and artistically expressive (plus, it brings out my inner Hobbit).

Fitness Superpowers
I love to take leisurely long walks, especially when I can walk to podcasts I like.

Think creatively! Some of my friends’ superpowers include not minding leftovers, loving lifting weights, creating new routines easily, having a great social network of fitness geeks, and being really fast cooks.  What are your superpowers, and how will they help you on your journey?

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One Response to Healthy Superpowers

  1. Christina says:

    Sounds much more fulfilling than “oh I hate this body part” or “oh I’m not good at this exercise”. Great points!

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